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Kiwiswingers is a top dating site for the New Zealand area. They feature more than 22,000 active members and have success stories to back it up. One of the most unique features about this site is they don’t require a paid membership to access most of their features.


Kiwiswingers is more than a dating site. It is a community forum for swingers in the New Zealand area. They feature forums that are open to anyone where members can discuss different aspects of swinging, ask other swingers questions, or just shoot the breeze. They also feature an area for users to upload videos, and members are able to watch and rate the videos as they please. Those with webcams may enjoy the video chat option, where you can be yourself and see other swingers before you decide to meet up. You can also choose to use the chatroom without a webcam if you prefer.

Finding Groups And Parties

Another feature of this site is the ability to post meet ups in all areas. Many people find this resource useful, as it allows you to search for hosted parties and clubs in all areas of New Zealand.  It’s always best to check ahead with the clubs first before taking the plunge as many will include a dress code or membership door fees.


There’s plenty of stories on the site, both fact and fiction, with a range of genres, ideal for getting you in that mood or for an entertaining evening’s read.  You can comment and rate each story adding your own stamp and joining in with the rest of the readers. – Site Review

USASwinging is a site devoted to swinging couples who want to meet other couples with the same thing in mind. They have more than 20,000 members, and this number grows every day. They are free to use most of the features, and offer some unique aspects when compared to other swinging sites.

Full Community

USASwinging is more than just a dating site. They offer a country-wide community for swingers to interact with one another. You can find clubs and hosted parties using their easy search tool. They offer a full community forum, where you can ask questions of other members, seek advice, or just have some interesting online conversations. They also allow members to upload videos and photos, and rate others videos and photos. For those who are interested in online relationships, you can use their fully functional chat rooms or webcam conferencing options. One of the more unique features of USASwinging is it has its own dogging section. This allows those who are interested in dogging find others who are also game in their area, and how to identify them.

Finding Swingers

The site offers an extensive search function which gives you the ability to specify precisely who you are looking for an where.  You can search for couples or singles, who they are interested in, within a range from your location.  You can also browse through the States making it easy as pie to find swingers in your area. – Site Review is a premier swinging site devoted specifically to couples searching for other swingers in their region. They have more than 70,000 members, and several directories to make searching easy. They are unique in that most of their features are available for free, and they offer more than just a standard dating site format.


You can find member forums where you can discuss different aspects of swinging with others. This is great for those who are first time swingers to be able to see what it’s about and ask any questions they may have. You can also use their active chat rooms to connect with others. The option to use a webcam for chat is also available. Members can upload erotic stories, post videos, and pictures, and can rate all of these.


Another unique feature is the fact that they offer a full dogging community. Using the dogging links you can find others who are interested in your area. You can search by area and see how to identify other doggers. – Site Review is a website that is dedicated solely to Australian Swingers. You will be able to find a lot of different information regarding swingers and what it is that you need to know about them. You will have the chance to not only get in touch with swingers but with fellow doggers as well.

Chat Rooms

You will be able to have the opportunity to talk to fellow swingers or doggers in your area. This is something that can help you to get in touch with people that enjoy the same things as you sexually. This is a great way for you to meet new people that you can have some fun with. In these chat rooms you can get or give advice or simply meet new people.


In the personals section of this site you will be able to find potential sexual partners in your area. People will write a few sentences saying their age and location and let others know what it is that they are looking for sexually. This will help you to meet new people and even have some new and fun experiences while you are at it.


Going to the stories section of this website is a great way for you to read sexy and true stories that happen to people in your area. You can share your own sexy stories or read them for inspiration. These stories are great for you to read with your partner or read and then later use on your partner. – Site Review

Swingingheaven is a site devoted to swingers in the UK. They have more than a million members, and offer more than a traditional dating site does. Aside from the ability to set up personal ads, the site offers a full community full of other benefits and features to its members.


One of the unique features is the dogging community that can be found. You can search different regions for other people who are interested in dogging, and find ads placed where other people want to participate. This is a feature not offered on most other dating sites.


The community allows you to access message boards. This is great for those who want to learn the terminology or have questions. Other members can answer your questions and offer advice. You can also find chatrooms and video chat options with upgraded memberships.


The site boasts a high definition video chat room where you can interact live with the members through your web cam.  Averaging between 800-1500 users, there’s plenty of members to talk to and watch.  There is also available an Instant Messenger so talk to real-time,  making finding members and meeting a breeze. – Site Review is one of the most extensive dating sites available online. They use a complex method of various tests to find appropriate matches. Setting up a profile on eharmony takes time, it’s not something that can be done in just a few minutes. Even with the hassle of taking the tests, eharmony boasts more than 80,000 successful marriages a year for its users.


Eharmony has a few sites set up for several countries. While the original site is dedicated to those in the US, they also have sites available in Australia and the UK. All of the sites feature similar features. The personality assessment matches you with others based on your communication style, important qualities to you, descriptions, and personal beliefs.


Eharmony is certainly one of the most expensive dating sites out there. Basic memberships cost as much as $60 a month, or $180 for six months. 12 month memberships offer additional savings. You can choose an upgraded plan that includes an extended personality profile, membership identity verification, and a way to make anonymous calls to other members for an added fee. The extended features will increase the membership fees, on average it would be around $200 for a 6 month plan.

The Downside

Eharmony focuses on straight singles only. There is no category for lesbians, gays or bisexuals. If another member doesn’t have a paid plan, they won’t be able to communicate with you even if you initiate the communication. The profiles also don’t show you what type of membership other members have, so there is no way to tell. – Site Review is a large dating site catering to the UK community. They boast having more than 5 million members, and this number is growing every month. The site is designed for those who are looking for serious relationships. You won’t find a bunch of nicknames or gimmicks with this site, just other singles who are serious about settling down.


DatingDirect uses an assessment similar to those created by other top dating sites to match you to others. A free membership will allow you to create a profile and wink at others. Paid memberships will allow you to communicate with other members. You can also upload videos of yourself as an introduction, and browse through other videos, although a video isn’t necessary. You can search through profiles based on location, personality, and characteristics. They also allow gays and lesbians to set up profiles, unlike several other sites. One of the other features that many people enjoy is the ability to communicate via your mobile phone. This will let you know when friends are online, allow you to receive messages via text message, and browse profiles even when you are away from your computer. DatingDirect also allows you to set up tests for other members to take before they contact you. This is a fun way to get to know someone and determine if they will be an appropriate match.

The Cons

If you want to connect with other members you will have to pay a membership fee. This isn’t terribly high when compared to some of the other top sites, but it can be a downer for some. While they are considered a top site in the UK, their technology is behind, creating a difficult to use interface for their chat rooms. – Site Review remains one of the largest dating sites around. They boast having more success stories than other sites. At last count they offered more than 15 million members, although not all of them are active.

Features has added features to keep up to date with todays technology. The new MatchMobile feature allows users to browse profiles directly from their mobile phones. You will also be allowed to contact other members by text message instead of needing to log in to a computer to make contact. also allows its users to search profiles by keyword. They offer customer care 5 days a week for anyone who may need help. Another benefit is they have added categories for gay, lesbian, and bisexual singles as well.

The Down Side doesn’t work for everyone. It’s one of the more expensive dating sites out there, with the average cost of around $240 a year. Monthly memberships can be even higher than this. Many users also get trapped in an auto-renewal of membership fees that may require a call to customer service to figure out. They do offer a free trial, usually around 3 days, but the membership is limited. The trial is designed to allow you to browse the features before making up your mind. If you want to talk with other members without revealing your phone number you’ll have to fork up extra money. If you want to see if your emails have been read, this feature will also cost you as much as $5 more a month. – site review is a free online dating site. They report more than 135 million visitors monthly, and offer their services worldwide. They do have more members from the US and Canada than other areas however.

PlentyOfFish does offer several interactive features. They have a community forum where singles can mingle in the virtual world. Most questions regarding their features can also be found answered here. You can also find fun mini games to play, and take personality based tests to display on your profile. You can also find instant messaging programs, detailed ratings programs, and a gift program that will allow you to send and receive virtual gifts to other members.

While Plenty of Fish does advertise itself as free, there is an upgrade option. This upgrade will list your profile as a ‘serious’ member. This is supposed to signal that you are really trying to meet someone and not just playing around. This isn’t necessary, and you will still have full access to the site without a paid membership.

The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ absolutely applies to this dating site. Finding good matches on Plenty of Fish will take some work. The profiles aren’t heavily moderated, meaning many will slip through that aren’t quite appropriate. You will find people looking for sex only, discreet relationships, and online/phone only situations. While many people want this, the site doesn’t offer a great filter for you to sort out requests from users who aren’t looking for the same thing as you. While many people have found compatible matches with Plenty of Fish, but many more have complained and moved on to other sites.