– Site Review

Kiwiswingers is a top dating site for the New Zealand area. They feature more than 22,000 active members and have success stories to back it up. One of the most unique features about this site is they don’t require a paid membership to access most of their features.


Kiwiswingers is more than a dating site. It is a community forum for swingers in the New Zealand area. They feature forums that are open to anyone where members can discuss different aspects of swinging, ask other swingers questions, or just shoot the breeze. They also feature an area for users to upload videos, and members are able to watch and rate the videos as they please. Those with webcams may enjoy the video chat option, where you can be yourself and see other swingers before you decide to meet up. You can also choose to use the chatroom without a webcam if you prefer.

Finding Groups And Parties

Another feature of this site is the ability to post meet ups in all areas. Many people find this resource useful, as it allows you to search for hosted parties and clubs in all areas of New Zealand.  It’s always best to check ahead with the clubs first before taking the plunge as many will include a dress code or membership door fees.


There’s plenty of stories on the site, both fact and fiction, with a range of genres, ideal for getting you in that mood or for an entertaining evening’s read.  You can comment and rate each story adding your own stamp and joining in with the rest of the readers.

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