– Site Review

USASwinging is a site devoted to swinging couples who want to meet other couples with the same thing in mind. They have more than 20,000 members, and this number grows every day. They are free to use most of the features, and offer some unique aspects when compared to other swinging sites.

Full Community

USASwinging is more than just a dating site. They offer a country-wide community for swingers to interact with one another. You can find clubs and hosted parties using their easy search tool. They offer a full community forum, where you can ask questions of other members, seek advice, or just have some interesting online conversations. They also allow members to upload videos and photos, and rate others videos and photos. For those who are interested in online relationships, you can use their fully functional chat rooms or webcam conferencing options. One of the more unique features of USASwinging is it has its own dogging section. This allows those who are interested in dogging find others who are also game in their area, and how to identify them.

Finding Swingers

The site offers an extensive search function which gives you the ability to specify precisely who you are looking for an where.  You can search for couples or singles, who they are interested in, within a range from your location.  You can also browse through the States making it easy as pie to find swingers in your area.

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